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  1. We bought a male Golden Retriever from Val last summer and have had nothing but good things to say about our experience. First, all of her dogs are beautiful, probably the best looking dark goldens we have ever seen. They also have amazing temperaments. Our boy, Chip, is growing by leaps and bounds, he’s already pushing 60lbs at 7 months old. He gets along great with our older Lab mix, and is probably extending her lifespan with his youthful exuberance. We rarely can walk him without being stopped by someone who wants to admire him, and of course he loves everyone. Val is truly concerned about placing her pups with good families and continues to check in with them as they grow. Thanks Val

  2. I love Valarie and all her dogs! I found Valarie through a shared Facebook post within our small mountain community, and I was hooked at one picture of 9 small beautiful golden retriever puppies, but who wouldn’t be right? I did a lot of research on Golden Retrievers, never having one before, but having grown up with other dogs, I knew what I was in store for. At first contact from Valarie, you could tell that she is a serious breeder who ensures that these pups will only go to the best of loving, and caring homes.

    I went to the ranch, not having a specific sex in mind. She allowed me to go into the pen, and play with all the puppies, telling me which ones had found homes and which had not. I sat there for almost a good hour letting the puppies play and interact with us, all while having a delightful conversation with Valarie. After a long-while, I didn’t choose my puppy, but rather my puppy chose me! A few short weeks later, I finalized my paperwork for my Kassy girl, and took her home.

    Kassy, a lighter golden like her momma Shelby, but big like daddy, Harley, has been by far the best and most loyal dog I have ever had. She has an amazing demeanor and an adorable personality to match. She LOVES to give hugs, (literally – her paws cross when she loves on you!). She is smart as a whip. She makes all of us smile all the time and couldn’t have gotten a better fit for our family.

    I often get asked where I found such a beautiful, loyal, and gentle creature, and refer to Valarie’s ranch. Valarie is a wonderful human-being and ensures only the best for her animals. Valarie has become extended family and follows our girls journey through facebook, picture sharing, and messages! We are so happy with our entire experience and am glad to stay in contact. The kids and I are trying to meet up soon and visit the ranch with Kassy!

  3. I purchased a pup from Valerie in April 2018 and picked her up on May 24,2018. Her name is Sadie Mae. She has been such a wonderful pup who is very loving and loves to hug you. She has been the best thing for me in a long time. I would totally recommend going to Valerie if you want to have an amazing pup who loves you and is a lot of fun.

  4. My wife and I surprised our four children with a new puppy from Valerie’s Retriever Ranch on December 23rd. It was just before Christmas and we have had four Goldens in the past. They were beyond excited and couldn’t wait to take a drive down to Campo to pick up our new addition to our family. Valerie kept in touch every step of the way, providing photos fo the pups, asking all the right questions to make sure her dogs were going to the right family, and honoring our request for the largest male blond Golden Retriever pup in the litter from Shelby and Harley. I had done my research as well and had been following Valerie’s posts on the AKC for Golden Retriever puppies in California. We would have driven anywhere in California to find the right puppy for our family.

    Yet finding the right Golden meant doing our homework as well. These were the questions we had: What is the cost of a pure breed Golden? Valerie’s price was on the low to average price. How healthy are the Goldens? Through pictures and research, we found that Valerie purchased her dogs from a breeder with AKC paperwork, from respected family lineage, her dogs have plenty of space to run free on her 10 acre ranch and were not born in a small backyard . Was there a contract? Yes, she does provide a contract for the puppy of your choosing that details the vaccinations, de-worming treatment, dog food she provides with healthy vegetables and chicken she provides in her dogs diet, questions you may have about taking on a new puppy, and emergency contact information related to poison control. And if you are not able to care for your new pup after you take it home she will gladly take it back. Does the breeder care for her pups and dogs? Yes, she is very passionate about all of her animals, including her horses as if they are her own children. Does the overall look of the dog look like a Golden Retriever? I know this may seem like a strange question, but believe it or not, some of the breeders on the AKC website had dogs that may have had mixed breed parents and not necessarily a pure breed Golden Retriever. As I mentioned, we had four Goldens in the past so we were looking at bone structure, boxy head shape, the color, size of the paws, the health of their coat, etc. I wanted to know if the parents had hip dysphasia and other health ailments. All of these factors were an important factor for our family choosing the right breeder and Golden for our family.

    Finally, with Valerie she wants to stay connected with the pups she has and with the new families that adopt them. To us this meant that Valerie was vested in her puppies much more than a quick profit but wanted that connection to be able to share the lives of her puppies with the families that enjoy them. I will leave you with this – my wife and I, and our kids have been having so much fun with our new puppy, watching him grow, play, explore his new home as he is a new addition to our family. We would most definitely recommend Valerie’s Retriever Ranch to a family interested in a quality dog.

  5. We brought our Frankie Boy home in August 2018! He is a wonderful dog that we are training to be a seizure response dog! My son has seizures and Frankie at 9 weeks starting staying with him and licking him during seizurfes. Whenever he has one Frankie will sit on top of him and stay with him until he is able to care for himself again. He is amazing! We have had a wonderful experience with Valerie. We are able to visit several times before we brought Frankie home and visited after too! She has wonderful dogs!!!

  6. Valerie is amazing! We met her when we were looking to add a golden to our family. She was so amazing with allowing me, my husband and our sons to interact, play and snuggle the puppies until we were able to decide on one. We did weekly visits and soon Valerie became our close friend and we have 2 wonderful goldens from her. So playful, sweet and loving. Our veterinarian even asked me for her contact info since our golden puppies were the healthiest he had seen! 🙂 I will always recommend Valerie when people ask for a golden breeder. You can tell she truly loves these dogs and the families that they go to. 🙂

  7. We are so fortunate to be the parents of the only female from Shelby and Harley’s last litter of six. As the only girl, she learned how to keep up with her brothers at an early age. Fiona is now 14 weeks old and is beautiful, intelligent, athletic, loving and spunky. Whatever she’s doing, she’s all in. She started puppy class yesterday ready to learn and ready to rumble. She’s a lot of fun.

  8. We got our boy, Doc, from Valerie in December of 2018. It was an absolutely wonderful experience working with Valerie. Doc is such a sweet puppy!

  9. We are so pleased and happy with the sweet addition to our family! As a young family with 3 babies under 3 we knew we wanted a family friendly dog. We had heard that Golden’s are the way to go. After a horrible fiasco with a backyard breeder who sold us a sick puppy who died, we finally found Valerie! We couldn’t be more please with the level of care and safety used to raise healthy happy puppies! We purchased our Ruby girl and we even asked Valerie to give a recommendation on which puppy she thought would be well suited for our family. She helped us chose the perfect pup! We are so appreciative of all the help given, for our new fur baby and are so happy to have a continued relationship with Valerie!!

  10. After having our pup for a couple months now, he’s so perfect and the best new addition we could have wanted. Val made the process very easy and understanding, and seeing pictures of her pups previous litters, sold my girlfriend. Our little Axle was raised in the best hands and with the most nutritious puppy caretaker of them all! Thank you so much Val.

    Nick& Marisa

  11. Thank you again for the info Valerie! We are looking for a golden puppy, our beautiful Cali passed in June and our home is feeling empty.

  12. Me and my husband were looking for a golden retriever puppy to add to our family in the second part of 2019. I spoke to 5+ breeders and based on conversations and an in person meeting, we decided to go with Valerie! When we visited Valerie’s ranch, you can tell she really cares about her pups and her adult dogs. I thought it was great that she feeds her adults dog organic meals and provides them with a spacious ranch. I also really appreciated the fact that a Valerie would be in constant communication with us by sending us updates, photos and videos. We are so happy that we found Valerie and have smart and healthy fur baby!

  13. Valerie was so amazing with every step in getting my puppy. She was thoughtful and always had the pup’s best interest. I can’t thank her enough- not to mention her goldens are gorgeous! Thank you for all your thought and care in raising such healthy pups!!

  14. My boyfriend and I took home our sweet boy, Jax, in October 2019. From the start, we knew we made the right choice with Valerie and her pups. Valerie was always very responsive with updates regarding the puppies, questions, and guidance. It was clear she truly cared about all of the puppies and her adult goldens. And, Jax has exceeded all expectations. He is healthy, handsome, and extremely social – always feels the need to introduce himself to everyone (people + dogs)! We will forever recommend Valerie as the go-to golden breeder.

  15. My husband and I are so happy we found Valerie and her pups! We met someone who had a beautiful golden and I asked her where she got her boy and she had so many great things to say about Valerie. I immediately found her information and reached out that day. Thankfully, a boy was available from a litter that had just been born! Duke is now 3 months and he has the best personality and has been the perfect addition to our family. Our experience with Valerie has been amazing and she loves all of her pups so much. Thank you Valerie for being available with any questions we had before we brought our boy home. We love our Duke so much!

  16. We got our sweet pup, Lea, at Valerie’’s Ranch at 8 weeks old. She’s a now a little over 3 months old & after our first visit to the Vet- the Vet told me that Lea was beautiful, healthy, smart and that the breeder did a wonderful job with her. She was in perfect health & growing beautifully. She has a great temperament, and so far has been easy to potty train. She is smart & gorgeous. I get stopped all the time! She is a very social, playful & loving puppy. I’ve fallen in love with Lea & so has the rest of my family. Thank you Valerie for helping us along the way & doing a great job with these pups! Valerie likes to check in & have us send pictures of Lea. It’s obvious that she cares so much about her pups and that they have a good life with a good family!

  17. We are so pleased with our choice of breeder and pup from Valerie’s Retreiver Ranch. She trully has a passion for Golden’s, and it shows with her concern about the welfare
    of her puppies and finding the right homes for them. We trully feel we hit the jack-pot with our “Ellie,” who’s almost 15 weeks now. Not only is she beautiful and sweet, she is one
    smart dog who has caught on well with her potty training and training in general–of course, with consistent daily training reinforcement. She’s our “love bug” and only wants to be
    with us and snuggle (a perfect characteristic trait of the breed – to want to please). She’s perfect for us and we have no doubt she will grow into a wonderful adult dog to enjoy for many
    years to come.

  18. After doing a ton of research, my husband and I fell Apon Valerie’s Retriever Ranch, and we couldn’t be any more happier about our decision.
    Since day one Valerie has been nothing but great. Any questions, concerns you may have she is there to help you every step of the way. She cares so deeply about her pups and makes sure they go to great homes only, which is so very much appreciated. she made sure to send us updates right away, and even shared some great tips and recipes for a happy healthy puppy!
    we picked up our sweet Charlie Mae Feb. 5 2020 and we are so deeply in love with her, she is the smartest, sweetest, loving , and most gorgeous dog ever. Potty training down at only 10 weeks! So lucky to have this little angel in our lives, and it’s all because of Valerie!
    You are in amazing hands when you purchase a pup from her ranch<3

  19. I have nothing but good things to say about Valerie and her pups! First off, my golden boy I received from Shelby and Harley’s litter is so so smart. All of her pups are gorgeous! Valerie made the process of buying our sweet boy so simple and enjoyable by sending us updates/pictures while our boy was growing until he came home with us .

    Thank you so much Valerie!!

  20. Molly is one beautiful and smart puppy. My friend Dave Potts fell in love her at first sight. She passed her veterinarian check with flying colors. She now lives in a mansion on 15 acres by Barona and she loves it. Valerie was very knowledgeable about how to care for a young pup.

  21. I’ m so lucky that I was introduced to Valerie through my friend. Her exceptional diligence in finding the perfect Golden Retriever breeder made it easy.

    Our dog is healthy, socialized, and quite well trained at just 10 weeks. My son and I couldn’t be happier.! Should I seek another dog in the future, it will also be from Valerie’s Retriever Ranch. Thank you Valerie! Chewie is gorgeous and he warms our hearts.

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